Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What does PEARLIZA means?

This is what a guy wrote about my name:

Praying is the only thing I can do for now
To make you see what I want you to see somehow
To let you feel what I want you to feel is what I desire
Hoping someday you'll see me as me and feel my heart's on fire.

Every time I look into your eyes I feel something free
Like diamonds in the skies is what I see
I couldn't see what's deep inside your heart
And I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, but I'm sure it tore me apart.

And no matter how hard I try I really couldn't see
Why now I feel so trapped when my heart used to be free
I tried to figure out what exactly have you done
That I gave up my heart up for you, you have two and I have none.

Romantic songs floated in the air in the advent of twilight
Teasing the melancholic thoughts that I so hardly tried to fight
Gone were the fake smiles that I wear in the day
As the evening slipped by and turned the blue skies to gray.

Light is what I see when you are standing beside me
Every time you speak your voice is so care free
I want to cuddle you and I want to hug you
A moment without you in my life will surely make me blue.

In love, is too short to describe the things that I felt for you
Coz you are part or maybe the real reason of my life
You gave me comfort and inspiration by just looking at me
The moment you touched me, you gave me life and love forever be.

Zenith of my soul, is what you are to me
You are like an angel sent for me from above
Your beauty and spirit gave me zealous that I want to have
You showered me with your smiles and with your love.

And must I give up my hopes to own you heart for once
Or should I go on and ask you for one sole chance?
I'm afraid that I can't fight this feeling any longer
So can you please be mine so I can hold you forever?

credits: JSV - October 9, 1999 1:30am


Love him, Yes I do

Do you love him? Yes I do. With all my heart. I loved him since the first time I saw him. I love him dearly and sincerely. He is my friend and I can't muster the courage to tell him what I felt. My heart always aches every time we part ways. Every time we bid goodbyes, my heart keeps on saying no, telling me to stay and be with him. But I don't have the courage to stay, to let all my feelings out. What I feel for him is true and I felt this for him for some time now. I am in love with him and I long for him to love me back.